The three storytelling/documentary 360° films that I realizied for Bayer AG  in USA (Miami, Denver,Rocky Moutains) in April 2016, are out now. They can be seen at Baykomm Communication Center in Leverkusen/Germany. Take a seat in a comfortable round chair (see picture below) with sound. Using the VR glasses you can travel with the protagonists through their story.

I was the director and wrote the 360° scipt to realize the three  films. It was a great experience for me.

More pictures from the locations are here:

Maybe they will put them to the internet – well will see .. stay tuned.



bayer_usa_6 bayer_usa_8

bayer_usa_14 bayer_usa_12 bayer_usa_11 bayer_usa_16

bayer_usa_4 bayer_usa_3 bayer_usa_5