Saturday in Amsterdam with my good old friend Harry. Looking out for new 360° camera systems. Took a look at different systems. Seems to me that the Nokia OZO is a very good choice – records in 360 and 360-3D. Wonderfull. But seems a little bit expensive.

A very good choice – and payable – will be the INDIECAM nakedEYE. Took a deeper look at it and talked to the developers. The INDIECAM will record in a very good quality – in the sun and in low light too. The will sell the system and they will lend it. A good option.

Saw the sphericam. Really nice camera. Will be sold (as I was told) in febr/march 2017 the developers told me. If I take a look at the price it will be the same class as using gopros. But it is more comfortable than the Gopro system. Out of the box – hit record. Thats it.

Blackmagic Micro Camera is an option too. But it is a very big system with the lenses. I think the results will be good. Will have a good sync start of all cameras with their extern sync and a black burst signal.

Live streaming of 360° content will be the next challange – there are several companies which offer different services to realize the complete production chain including viewing on any system.

Good news from  Mocha the After Effects tracker (and other systems like Premiere …). They develope a tracker for use with 360° material. I talked to Ross Shain from He showed me how easy it is to insert Logos, Layers, graphics and other things like text at a 360° video with a few mouseclicks – and it works – I saw it. The plugin will also stabilize footage and remove for example a moving camera man at the bottom of the video with a mouseclick. It will be finished in a few month he told me.

And another very good idea is a new 3D Tracker/Matchmover for after effects. I talked to Felix Brokbals from It is a matchmoving Plugin at a mouseclick. Very solid and very fast to use. Insert a logo at a car driving by with a shaky camera: no problem. The logo will be placed correct in the 3D space, as if there has been this logo on the car in reality. It is much more functionality, much easier to use and much faster than the tracker inside of AE. You can also export the camera to C4D.


Here are some picture from the IBC:




Nokia OZO
Nokia OZO on th run…


600-20160910_121330 600-20160910_113429


Mr. 360°


The sun was shining outside... wonderfull day.
The sun was shining outside… wonderfull day.