We did a trip to lake Iseo in Italy to visit the Christo installation. What a wonderfull time. We were there for three days and rent a boat to vivsit the installation from the sea. It took the whole day and was such a great fun. Sun was shining and I took some 360° shots from the people walking over the installation and from the wonderfull places around the lake.

I used a rig with 7 Gopros and compared it with ther Samsung Gear 360 >> https://www.klx-labs.de/360-test-7-gopro-rig-vs-gear-360/

Here are some pictures:


iseo_20160623_112850 iseo_20160623_112807 iseo_20160623_112549 iseo_20160623_112529 iseo_20160623_113534

iseo_20160623_094553 iseo_20160623_104413 iseo_20160623_113436

iseo_20160623_205531 iseo_20160624_011243